Collection: Heaply

Founded in 2021 in the vibrant city of Copenhagen, Heaply is a Danish vegan confectionery brand with a mission to revolutionize the sweets category. Company aims to achieve this by crafting delicious vegan chocolate products and sweets that not only tantalize the taste buds but also ensure that no one feels left out.

Nestled in the heart of Europe's candy culture, Heaply breaks free from confectionery norms, embracing a rebellious spirit and rejecting the 'what we used to do' mentality that plagues the industry.

Heaply is more than just a bold brand; it's a celebration of abundance, inclusivity, and flavor that knows no bounds. Heaply's current range includes vegan marshmallows in various flavours, coated nuts, and the Danish classic - licorice-flavoured candy and nuts, all crafted in Copenhagen.

Jens Hoe
Sweets, Marshmallows, Nuts