Collection: Rue Traversette

Founded in 2005 in Saint-André-de-Sangonis, Rue Traversette is an artisanal cannery offering a diverse range of spreads and chutneys crafted from locally sourced vegetables, fruits, and spices. The name pays homage to the address where this culinary journey began.

At the helm is founder Stéphane Strobl, who initiated the brand with a personal recipe, infusing local aromatic plants and establishing Rue Traversette's distinctive "style" of taste, innovation, and good humor. Encouraged by positive responses, Stéphane dedicated himself to the brand, creating a production space committed to plant-based excellence.

Rue Traversette proudly sources a variety of vegetables from nearby farmers, emphasizing a commitment to sustainable practices from production to distribution. Collaborations with local producers and distributors are anchored in shared values, supporting local and organic agriculture, fair remuneration, and transparency across the supply chain.

Stéphane Strobl
Pantry, Jams & Spreads