Collection: Maison Dupont

Based in Dieppe, Normandy, Maison Dupont is an artisan mustard-vinegar maker. Behind the brand are four friends from agricultural sector and food industry. The team is committed to reviving the nearly extinct profession of artisan mustard-vinegar maker and, in collaboration with local farmers, re-establishing mustard seed cultivation in Normandy.

All their products are made in their workshop in Dieppe using 100% French ingredients, primarily sourced from Normandy. Their production methods are truly artisanal, allowing time for natural fermentation processes to develop rich, aromatic profiles in both their mustards and apple cider vinegars. 

For Maison Dupont's mustards, the slow maceration and fermentation of mustard seeds result in a range of flavors from mild to fiery, with both smooth and robust textures. Meanwhile, their cider vinegars are fermented in Bordeaux barrels for several months, resulting in vibrant, unpasteurized vinegars that retain their natural ferments, boasting a beautiful amber color and a fruity, round flavor profile.

Sustainability lies at the core of Maison Dupont's philosophy. They harness solar and wind energy, recycle packaging materials, and are committed to local, responsible production. This dedication to quality and environmental consciousness, combined with their passion for achieving exceptional taste, ensures that each jar of mustard and bottle of vinegar from Maison Dupont is a testament to the rich heritage and innovative spirit of Normandy.

Richard Dupont, Elise Dupont, Christophe Romefort, Valentine Hebert
Mustard, Vinegar