Collection: Patatas Nana

Founded in 2017 in Senigallia, a port town on Italy's Adriatic coast, Patatas Nana is an artisanal chips brand that redefines the potato chip experience. The driving force behind the brand is Chef Michele and entrepreneur Francesco, who aim to revolutionize the world of aperitifs, with a specific focus on potato chips.

Crafted from Agria potatoes cultivated in Andalusia's Valle del Lecrín, sun-kissed and watered by Rio Dúrcal, Patatas Nana chips follow a simple recipe with only three ingredients. Thinly sliced potatoes are gently fried in sunflower oil at 165°C, then hand-sprinkled with pure sea salt. The final touch involves packaging the chips without the use of any preservative gases to maintain their genuineness and quality.

Patatas Nana's mission is to transform the aperitif experience with high-quality, non-industrial products, one bag (or tin) of chips at a time. The company strives to make gourmet products accessible to a wide audience, offering a range that includes potato chips and chip sticks. Savor the essence of the potato with Patatas Nana - pure and unadulterated.

Francesco Mazzaferri, Michele Gilebbi
Snacks, Potato chips