Collection: SWET

Based in Brussels, SWET specializes in natural, vegan hot sauces, made in small batches. Each hot sauce is handmade from the finest ingredients, including seasonal fruits sourced from organic or local agriculture whenever possible. With a commitment to purity, SWET sauces are free from powders, flavorings, or any artificial or texture additives, ensuring a genuine and flavorful experience. 

The overwhelming majority of peppers used in sauces are grown in the heart of Brussels, on the rooftop of the Abattoirs d'Anderlecht. Cultivated without additives or chemical treatments and nourished with organic matter, these peppers are harvested from April to December, allowing SWET to maintain a steady supply of fresh produce year-round. 

Operating out of their workshop in Brussels, SWET handles every aspect of production, from recipe and product development to bottling, labeling, and graphic design. Driven by a desire to challenge misconceptions surrounding hot sauce, SWET focuses on developing subtle flavor profiles. Their aim is to offer a healthy and contemporary product that effortlessly enhances any meal.

Thibault Fournal
Hot sauces, condiments