Celebration of food and people who make it

Gourmie Goods is a platform dedicated to Europe’s most unique foods, drinks, and independent makers behind them.

We discover, curate, and celebrate them and connect a community through a shared appreciation for craft, design, and mind-blowing flavours. 

"The best food isn't churned out by faceless corporations - it's made by real (and talented!) people, best natural ingredients, and lots of love."


    Less is more. Products with clean, short ingredient lists that contain only natural ingredients.


    Eyes eat first. We're here for unique products that bring joy and are also real head-turners.


    No mainstream, supermarket stuff. We're best at finding the hard-to-find from across Europe.


    Products that don't harm people and the planet. 99% of our assortment is vegan.


    Indulging and leaving us to crave for more. Products that activate all the senses.

Curated goods, delivered to every table

We've dedicated ourselves to bringing authentic products crafted by Europe's best makers and artisans to your dining experience.

Our task is to offer you not everything that’s out there, but only the best of the best in food and drink. We invite you to savor and participate in this exceptional journey!