Collection: Meurisse

Founded in 1845 in Antwerp, Meurisse is the oldest Belgian chocolate brand, celebrated for its legacy of innovation. Established by pioneering patissier Adolphe Meurisse, the company achieved prestigious honors and created iconic chocolate brands that thrived throughout the 20th century.

Now in its sixth generation, Meurisse embarks on a revival journey led by brothers Henry and Clement Van Vyve. Determined to return the brand to its former grandeur, they reintroduce the Meurisse brand with a focus to sustainability and ethical practices. 

Meurisse offers a range of premium, ethical, organic, and Fairtrade chocolate bars, pralines, and chocolate spreads. Made of high-quality organic ingredients, the products have a positive impact on farmers, employees, customers, and the planet. The company's dedication to traceability and responsible sourcing includes direct collaboration with farmers in Papua New Guinea, ensuring a living income and prohibiting child labor. 

Designed by Clement Van Vyve, Meurisse's packaging is not only modern and eye-catching but also aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability. It features a biodegradable inner foil and recyclable outer foil, both sourced locally from Belgian suppliers.

Adolphe Meurisse (now run by the great-great-grand- children Clement and Henry Van Vyve)
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