Collection: Yiayia and Friends

Based in Crete, Yiayia and Friends is a modern brand with superior-quality food, award-winning design and Greek traditions at its center. Brand’s main character is "Yiayia," (“Granny” in Greek) glorified as an all-knowing yet down-to-earth character, leading a journey to reimagine the arts of growing, cooking, and sharing food for new generations.

Product range features traditional Greek rusks and biscuits, as well as high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Using simple, traditional recipes and the best-quality ingredients, Yiayia and Friends has transformed classical Greek treats into modern, sustainable products. Yiayia and Friends bridge tradition and modernity, celebrating the timeless essence of cultivating, preparing, and enjoying food.

Vangelis Liakos, Konstantinos Poulopoulos
Snacks, Sweets