Collection: White Mausu

White Mausu is a chilli oil company based in Dublin, Ireland, founded by two passionate cooks, Katie and Jasper. With 30 years of combined experience, they've perfected their recipes through trial and error, often adding way too much chilli until it was just right. They met while working in a Dublin café, where the owner introduced them to a delightful rāyu made by a Japanese friend. This chilli oil evoked memories of the bold chilli oils Katie had grown up with in Hong Kong, inspiring them to craft bold, flavorful condiments.

At the time, Katie, a ‘nomadic’ chef, explored various culinary styles through pop-ups, retreats, and drew inspiration from fermentation to seaweed. This adventurous spirit even led Katie and Jasper to transform a boatshed on Ireland’s West Coast into a seaweed restaurant for two summers. Here, they prepared freshly caught fish in a homemade tandoor, infusing their creations with experimental chilli oils that soon became favorites among staff and friends alike. The overwhelming positive feedback spurred them to debut their rāyu at the Dublin Flea Market, initially without a name or labels.

Their bold approach paid off as they quickly attracted a loyal customer base, leading to the formal establishment of White Mausu. Their condiments, such as the signature rāyu, are celebrated for their ability to elevate simple dishes like noodles, dumplings, eggs, and vegetables. Today, White Mausu is cherished by award-winning chefs and foodies worldwide.

Katie Sanderson, Jasper O'Connor
Chilli Oil