Collection: Les Niçois

Started in 2014 by two Niçoise, Luc and Olivier, who embarked on a mission to share the sunny essence of the French Riviera with the world. For generations, both founders' families have perfected secret recipes, and it was time to share these culinary treasures, giving birth to Les Niçois.

The journey of Les Niçois began with a restaurant in Paris, followed by the creation of their own range of apéro products. Trust from Colette's Sarah led to their first order, delivering small tapenade packages on scooters through Paris with love. Today, the product range includes miniature focaccias in various flavors, crackers, and an array of dips, all artisanally crafted for joyous moments with friends and family.

Each product is a tribute to craftsmanship and dedication, bringing the warmth and flavors of the South of France to any aperitif setting. So, join in savoring life's delightful moments in true Niçoise style — as a Niçois proverb says, “Noun passa tempe que noun revengue” (“There is no time spent that does not end up coming back”)!

Luc Sananes, Olivier Chini
Snacks, Crackers, Savoury spreads & Tapenades