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Based in San Sebastian, SOLO is a small-batch extra virgin olive oil company founded in 2018 by siblings Ana and Juan Vargas Azorit as a tribute to their grandfather, Juan Antonio. Rooted in family heritage, their journey began with bottling 250 liters of olive oil sourced from trees nurtured by their grandfather and great-grandparents.

Since then, SOLO has remained true to its core values: respect for the land, people, and family. Today, they offer their own oils harvested and pressed annually in October-November from olive trees on their farm in Southern Spain. Additionally, SOLO collaborates with small farmers across Spain to produce olive oils from various distinctive olive varieties, each representing unique terroirs.

The meticulous efforts of the SOLO team have yielded a portfolio of exquisite quality olive oils, early harvested, cold pressed, and fairly made in small batches. These oils consistently achieve excellent grades in official tastings. SOLO's ethos revolves around caring for olive oil, spreading its culture, and seeking singular varieties, and every bottle is a testament to that. 

Ana Vargas Azorit, Juan Vargas Azorit
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